RC Day One

28 March 2016 · 1 minute read · text posts about nothing, rc and personal

My first day of RC is today. I’ve been here for not quite four hours and so far:

So, that’s all pretty cool. Like, very cool.

The environment here is something a little unlike anything I’ve seen before. The lack of direction is actually fantastic; it means that you get to talk to fantastic people about anything. I was worried about this to be honest; I’m not great at meeting new people. It turns out that’s really easy though. There’s ‘just enough’ structured activity to make it easy to start conversations.

There’s also a chat system which runs constantly. Being a bunch of computer nerds, this is a big win. Everyone is always there.

They also have a banner (not disimilar to this) which says “algebraic data types”.

I’m going to fit in here.