I have arrived

21 March 2016 · 1 minute read · travel and nyc

Door to door was about 30 hours, but I’m now in New York City. It’s 7:30pm and I’m about to go to bed.

I watched a lot of TV on the plane. Of it all, my favourite line came from an episode of Bored To Death: “He was Jewish and really smart. A member of menscha!” What I didn’t do much of on the plane was sleep.

The first thing that struck me about New York is that it’s big. (BREAKING: small town kid thinks New York City is big). Like, the density of inner city Melbourne, going on what seems like forever. Flying in it was clear that there is a lot of city here.

High: about 13km (geddit?) Low: definitely LAX. Security so god damned slow.

I’m going to sleep now, but I’ll be back with some more exciting adventures tomorrow.

(Yes I did listen to some New York songs flying in: Empire State of Mind, Welcome To New York, Scenes from an Italian Restaurant, and others too I’m sure.)